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ErnestPeen - 19.02.2015 - 13:58 Uhr Email Homepage
Idle Crawler - a universal solution for the development of Internet Marketing

Crawler - it is the same as the programs that are called spiders. Such software products developts specifically for the search systems. Their action is based on the fact to get a variety of resources on the internet, and add new pages and sites to your list. Then, when the user enters in the desired search request it, the search engine will give him a huge amount of resources to meet the entered keywords.

Crawler possible to index those pages that have not yet been added to the search engine. Themselves search engines use such software with the aim to update and add to their database with new resources.

Crawlers can also be used to collect information for marketing purposes. Increasingly in modern enterprises use such programs. This is how there is a new development - Idle crawler

So how can help you an Idle Crawler?

Looking for information on a given key. This is done in a variety of purposes ranging from compiling the semantic core for your site and ending with an analysis of the work of competitors. Our program will find information where others can not. This is because of continuous updates. Internet grows and Idle Crawler grows with it .;

Website Monitoring of competitors in terms of content (text and multimedia). What are writing your competitors? That spreading on the site and in social networks? This information will help you to learn about their potential audience and advertising policy. Content analysis of competitors as well will allow you to highlight in their background, because if you can give consumers something special, they certainly will actually select you;

Sort the information by popularity and topics. This feature is especially useful for SMM. Generation of viral content is a real engine of advertising in social networks. The greater the involvement in your social group, the more interested customers in your products and services. They more want to come to you to get to know you and your purged. :

selection of similar content for its further transformation. Rewriting texts is not forbidden by anyone. You can create your own unique content, using the knowledge of previous authors. In order to find material for your own publications, you can simply make a request in the search engine. Such, for example, as Google. And it is possible drive the key questions in Idle Crawler and enjoy the ordered information without random publications topic.

Just think, previously the internet marketing was a dark forest for many people, which was scary to go. Now when we have access to technologies such as Idle Crawler we can safely solve the most complex tasks in record small time interval.

Idle Crawler can help you in many marketing tasks. Quality search and sorting information will reduce the time that we spend on them. Manually this is impossible to achieve the processing speed.

CurtisPt - 08.02.2015 - 16:37 Uhr Email Homepage
Документы Евросоюза, паспорта, id-карты, права

Оказываю услуги по изготовлению документов ЕС. Румыния, Чехия, Литва, Болгария, Польша, Молдова, Канада, Венгрия, Греция, Португалия, Дания, Испания, Великобритания. Под любые данные. Высокое качество. По документам можно жить и работать, пересекать границы ЕС, ездить на машине. Сроки изготовления - 2-3 дня. Доставка по всему миру.
Данные для изготовления: имя и фамилия, дата и место рождения, фото, подпись.
Работаю без предоплаты, оплата после получения документов.
Для тех, кто хочет уехать в Израиль по программе репатриации: могу сделать через архив официальные еврейские корни.

По всем вопросам пишите на почту
Скайп eurodocs

RichardCip - 06.02.2015 - 13:08 Uhr Email Homepage
The top leading software in crawlers family - Idle Crawler - best marketing tool to achive your internet marketing tactic.
Idle Crawler - new marketing instrument for research in internet market. It's based on 3 cases - SEO (search engine optimization analytic tool), SEM (advertising
research tool) and SMM (Twitter stream analytic).
Idle Crawler can handle more then 2 billion queries per day, which allows us to deliver you analytic reports faster then anybody.
IdleCrawler is not a classic collector. It's collecting information from the open sources using more then 1 millions pc or real users. That makes IdleCrawler delivers you more exact reports.

AdrianSone - 06.02.2015 - 01:55 Uhr Email
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Josephoi - 04.02.2015 - 00:45 Uhr Email
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DimkaSosiska - 20.01.2015 - 16:38 Uhr Email

Хомкастик новая неведомая зверушка, где бы купить такое?

Ernestkr - 10.12.2014 - 00:43 Uhr Email Homepage
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FC Schlossberg - 18.09.2014 - 21:24 Uhr
Ein Lob fьr den Schiedsrichter aus eurer Gruppe, der gestern das Spiel unseres FC Schlossberg gegen SV Wцrt geleitet hat. Ьber 90 Minuten fehlerfrei und mit einer Ruhe sowas sieht man in unserer Liga nicht sehr oft. Ich kann nur sagen groЯen Respekt. GrьЯe vom FC Schlossberg

Zuschauer VfB Bächingen - 23.09.2013 - 10:45 Uhr
Ich war gestern in Ziertheim auf dem Sportplatz um mir die Spiele meines Heimatvereins anzusehen was ich da gesehen habe konnte ich nicht glauben in der Reserve pfiff ein ungeprьfter Referee. Dem das Spiel in den letzten Minuten aus der Hand glitt. Es gab keine Rote Karte nachdem ein Ziertheimer Spieler beim stande von 2:1 fьr Ziertheim seinen Gegenspieler der noch nicht einmal im Ballbesitz war mit purer Absicht von hinten umschlug. Der Spieler bekam nicht mal eine Karte da der Schiedsrichter keine dabei hatte. Anschliesend gab es noch hдssliche Tumulte daraufhin brach der Schiedsrichter ab. So ein Spieler hat nichts auf einem Sportplatz zu suchen ich hoffe er wird sehr lange bzw nachtrдglich gesperrt. Der Schiedsrichter in der 1 Mannschaft pfiff tadellos

Hans Breit - 21.02.2012 - 16:55 Uhr Email
Super Seite Gruss von Hans SRG Augsburg

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